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I create these designs go to this link https://urstyle.fashion/styles/2496949 so you can see the items I use to create these looks on my overview, it will also show you what fashion designer clothes I use to create these different looks in my own way .You can also check the Link out in my bio #Fashion#Style#Designs#FashionDesigner#Creation#FashionCollection#Fashionable#Creative#Outfits#DailyLook#FashionStyle#FashionSet#Womenwear#WomenFashionStyle#WomenFashion#Fabric#Pattern#urstylefashion#urstyleset#urstyle#expolyvore#Instagram#ProjectRunway#FashionShow#FashionWeek#FashionStatement#Projectrunwaybravo


#SocialDistancing Is Not A Choice, It Is A Necessity I have been coming across all over the internet photos, video and stories about how defiant and resistant people are being whether for personal choice, rebellion, religious belief or whatever. It is as if the facts and actual occurrences culminating in death isn't scary enough or the pleas of those concerned are just being blatantly ignored. We in my home are held up as instructed for fear of dear life. I had to resort to not watching the news because they induced nightmares that would not allow me to get the rest and peace needed to maintain good health both physical or mental. I do watch the numbers as more are infected as well as those who do not survive praying and hoping to see that curve finally flatten. I pray more than ever not only for the souls of those lost or the families to find solace but that finally researches get answers and develop a vaccine or a cure. Last night I stumbled across the most jarring, most horrific reality I so avoided seeing because for me just reading and hearing was enough. I came across a video from Ecuador where  our technology, our medicine, our resources have yet to develop. I watched in horror and dismay as the camera explored the streets where bodies were strewn of citizens who were infected by this virus just collapsed and died in there footsteps as they wandered in despair. There were families huddled outside of their homes waiting for days, fed up and distraught because days had passed that they called for an ambulance to pick up the decomposing body now inhabited their living room as shown through a window to the living room. There were many carrying their deceased loved ones in blankets to designated areas where I can only assume they would be burned or buried in mass graves, No horror film could have prepared me for the reality presently occurring in this and Lord knows how many other developing countries now infected. I had to top the footage as I felt myself being consumed by the misery this reality visited on me and I wonder still today how anyone can be so defiant, so intransigent and so inviting their demise. I for one treasure life. I look




We've been friends with Jason for a few years now.  At that time there were lots of creative peoples entering our lives and Jason was one of them. In his day-to-day, he specializes in digital graphics, and editorial layouts with a side of logos and t-shirt design. He loves a good creative challenge so then enters in Make Much Studios. With the good friend that he is, he kept checking in with Mark and me on what we were up to throughout my leave from the corporate world to when we started our new journey.  When we brought up Make Much Studios he said he'd love to be a part of it. He was very interested in surface design and learning a new aspect of it from a repeat design perspective.  Knowing his graphic abilities there was no question that he should join up with us. Also, the fact that he wanted to learn more about pattern design, in general, was a plus. I wasn't worried that he didn't know as much as the next person because someone always needs to give another a chance. I've had a few people take a chance on me and it worked out well for all parties. I love to be able to give someone an opportunity where maybe they never saw one before. Jason is always up to hang out, get together, be social (currently not a pastime), but will be back on track after all quarantining is over. He also has great fashion sense (as well as performing husband-twinning...see pic). Speaking of fashion, did you know...Jason has a band called Fashion Week and they lay down some fantastic tracks! Give them a follow @fashionweek and maybe they'll be headed to your city one day. Oh, check out the vid on their page for a song about "Art School" (how appropriate). Last, but not least he has recently become a published author of a children's book called "Bowie Be Kind". He's been working on it for 2 years. Inspired by his son, Bowie, and how he is taught kindness! What a creative individual he is and we are so excited to be able to share his talents with you!! . . . . . #art #creative #fashion #surfacedesign #printpattern #graphics #designer #logo #band #fashionweek #bowiebekind #bekind #artlove #artschool #fashionweek #friends #encrouage #y


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